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     Godsheep Group, located in Yangjian Industrial Zone, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, boasts a modern corporate system and over 2,000 employees including more than 600 professionals with super expertise.
   Since the restructuring in 1998, Godsheep has committed itself to the philosophy that an organization should always be human and technology-driven with innovation and leading ahead at its core and ^diversification and specialization ̄ as its strategy. Godsheep, after years of efforts, has become a group capable of researching, investing, manufacturing and marketing. We specialize mainly in polyester/spinning manufacturing and processing, covering FDY, POY, DTY and DT. We are also actively involved in trading, energy, real estate, and knitting. Godsheep holds stake in many subsidiaries, including Jiangsu Godsheep Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Wuxi Godsheep Industry & Trade Co., Ltd and Wuxi Yida Knitting Co., Ltd.
   Godsheep has been in close partnership with research institutions. We established Industry Research Base with Material Department of Donghua University, Research and Development Center for New Products with Godsheep Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Research and Development Center for turning recycle high quality fiber into Fully Drawn Yarn. Our research staff boasts well-qualified and highly-experienced members of senior researchers, senior technicians, holders of M.S., Ph.D. and Post Ph.D. research fellowships.
   Looking into the future, Godsheep Group will commit itself to the basic guideline of ^specializing, strong performance, and strategic development ̄, embark upon the path of science and technology-driven and harmonious development, and strive for the world leader of chemical fibers. We will leap ahead toward a large scale, global, modern and information technology-based company and further improve our research and development to provide more quality products and to make contributions to the whole community and society.
   Let us join hands toward a better future!
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