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  Godsheep Group, located in Yangjian Industrial Zone, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, boasts a modern corporate system and over 2,000 employees including more than 600 professionals with super expertise.
  Since the restructuring in 1998, Godsheep has committed itself to the philosophy that an organization should always be human and technology-driven with innovation and......
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·[公司新闻] 分析市场行情 强化新品研发 2013/5/6
·[公司新闻] 全力以赴做好夏季期间安全运输和服务工作 2013/5/6
·[公司新闻] 公司召开财务会议 2013/5/6
·[公司新闻] 神羊化纤开展丰富多彩“迎五一”系列活动 2013/5/6
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