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  Talents are the cornerstone and guarantee of the survival and development of a company. Therefore, talent strategy is the number one strategy for development.
   With the improvement of macroeconomic environment, many corporations are faced with multitudes of opportunities. In the meantime, competitions have become much tougher with the opening up of the economy. Talents have been a key for companies to gain an edge and take advantage of the opportunities. The idea that one should value talents and an organization must be human-driven is now universally embraced, yet not easily translated into feasible actions. One of the solutions is to hammer out policies to attract talents according to the actual situation and environment, and these policies must be revised and improved in the process of execution.
   Godsheep Group has always been committed to the ^human-driven ̄ strategy. We create space for professional development with efficient incentive system and human-driven corporate culture.
   Godsheep Group fully respects knowledge and talents, and evaluates employees¨ performance based on the principles of fairness, justness and transparency. We provide platforms for multi-level and multi-purpose in-house training to fully tap the talent pool.
   It is our belief that everyone has talents and can be a talent and that talent is the most important resource in the company. Our strategy is ^never seek a perfect man, but an able one; never seek a well-rounded man, but a professional one ̄. This strategy urges us to further improve our talent recruitment and configuration system; to strive for lifelong study and thought groups, to set in place a talent training system and well-running talent tapping system; to reinforce the performance evaluation system and to create a relax, healthy, harmonious and high-performance work environment.

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